Rear Carrier Bearing On a space frame CAV

Has anyone had trouble with this bearing? We have no idea what the bearing is - no i.d. marks on the bearing. Also, how is it supoose to be fit in the upright and how is it located and held in place? Any help would be appreciated.
Sorry guys. I forgot to mention that this is a CAV frame car.This bearing does not seem to be very well mounted to the rear carrier.
Hi Bud,
I have a loose rear wheel bearing, also. I have heard that the bearings are BMW wheel bearings but I do not have any part numbers. I had e-mailed the factory to see if they could send me some pictures of the disassembled rear upright so that I could have some idea of what I was getting into. They said they would send some pictures, but nothing yet. I will contact them again.
PAT / BUD, If the rear bearings are the same as the front bearings ( I think they are ) try SKF PART NUMBER UKBA1319
Another number on the box is 7"316575"795030", Best of luck, Frank