rear clip and rims for sale

I have a wide body rear clip I am selling. I am not sure where it came from, but knowing where and whom I acquired it, it is of the best quality and from the UK. It is crated very well. It will also be sold with original/Safir wide rear rims, magnesium. the asking price is 15k, US and you will be responsible for pick up/shipping. The wide body rear clip and rims are in Florida. I can provide many pics for serous buyer.

these are the wide rims, the other pictures were of the 10 inch rims. These rims are what are needed for wide body. these are magnesium BRM and will come with the rear clip.
What is/are the width of the rear wheels and offset? (from rear mounting flange to outer lip of wheels) Six pin drive or five pin, and pin hole spacing?? Thanks, Scott
all great questions...I will try to answer this way. They were purchased specifically for a Safir Mark V car, wide body conversion. These would have likely been purchased directly from Safir and Peter (who owned the rights to the BRM molds for these wide rims, the 8 and 10" ones also). back in the late 80s. I am out of town at the moment, but can try to do the measurements and provide more photos upon return.
there you go, very light, you can see the tire size and they are 12 inch wide, six pin. Again, I am rather sure directly from Safir in the 80s as Peter Thorp had the rights/molds and made them for the Mark V cars.
the rims have been sold. That leaves the rear wide body clip. Obviously the price is reduced. The price is $12k, US. The clip is well packaged and stored in Florida. As with the rims, just contact me and I can provide any pictures you wish, measurements and chat.