Rear springs

What are you Graziano/LS guys running for rear springs? As you can see I’m running 7HT850” and have to adjust them pretty much all the way up.
I started with full droop and adjusted the pushrod just enough so it clears the chassi frame and went from there. The adjustment in the picture is for 4.5” ride height. (Street tail)


I don't have a Graziano, but I'd run an 8" spring in your application, in order to get the adjustable range you want.

Be sure you adjust the pushrods so they are exactly the same length- making fine adjustments to ride height with them will cause different effective wheel rates unless they are exactly the same length. Best practice is to set them both at the length you want, and use the collars as they are intended to be used- to corner balance the car.
Yes, the pushrods are the exact same length. I started up adjusting the pushrods so they cleared the frame rails and to same length during the alignment. However, I didn’t have the body mounted at the time, so now with the added weight I’m running out of shock adjustment. Just wondering what others are using, 7” or 8” length springs. The rate seems ok so I’ll just order a set of 8”/850lb.