Rear view camera(s)

Done with the mounting the cameras and screen. The system came from FleeBay from these guys... 1stsafe on eBay

The objective was to have as much coverage at the rear view without losing quality (no fish eye effect). Now 170 * full view!!

The monitor is a split/quad - if you like you can add 2 more cameras.

That system is plug and play, nothing to it. Great night vision and clear picture on the highway at any RPM. When the monitor is off, it is very hard to see from the outside - it does not take away from the cosmetic look. With the swing bracket and thump screes you are able to make that invisible (car shows with the doors open).

Here some pictures - I shut up now :drunk:...
 can flip the image --- so what is right is right and what is left is left -- pretty cool feature. In this instance - I know (and see) the Tahoe is on my left side.