Red car in Iowa

Build table is done and overhead crane is up. Now to get car on the table and start.
I bought my Manta Mirage when I was 16 finished it the summer of my senior year and drove it very little , went to college got married, had kids, started a business, got hit by a car as a pedestrian, lost a wife to cancer after 20 years,got remarried things had settled down so time to finish what I started in 1980 so here we go.
Good to see a build log starting mate, you have over come a few hard knocks in your life so this should be a walk in the park for you. I love that injection will it be EFI or mechanical I'm thinking EFI if it is to be street driven and Big or Small block ?? slowly getting the mold done Have now done the top surface of the rear clip so just the rear louvered panel to go then we will start the front clip.

Good luck mate.
I love your build log I look ever day to see if there is more updates Leon. Yes EFI 427 in small block aluminum dry sump with all titanium exhaust. And some real trick uprights thanks to you.
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Like Leon said, It's great to see another build log starting. I will be watching with interest. There's nothing more inspirational than other like minded people building similar cars to watch progress and bounce ideas off of. Good stuff.
Regards, Udo.
Nice bit of kit Rod, I have bought a Crank locally but thanks for the offer will keep you in mind next time I need something out of the states.
So when do we start the big strip down? are you going to keep the Manta look or do you have ideas about "McLarenizing" it as Terry has done. I'm watching with great anticipation.

Cheers Leon
I'm thinking about shortening the knose like Terry did but I'm going to do the suspension and drive train first, then decide body and wing or no wing? I'm glad you got the crank locally but the offer always stands.Rod


Your Manta Mirage is looking very good, Rod.

I don't know if you have seen my updated build diary in YouTube. I can't post a link here but search there on my name "Neil Albaugh". Check out the soundtrack!

Needless to say, although it has a Manta Mirage fiberglass body- and a modified one at that-- I built everything else under the fiberglass. The front fender air vent louvres were modified by adding one located further forward. This was suggested by my friend (whose name members of this forum may recognize) John Horsman. He had vast experience testing GT40s and Porsche 917s in the wind tunnel at MIRA.

Regards, Neil Tucson, AZ