Registration / VIN / Title in Minnesota

OK, will pass along what I have learned so far. Went to the DMV yesterday to start the process. Pay them a bunch of money and I have the plates already. They spent a lot of time looking up what they had to do for a kit car, and finally found something. Seems like it will be titled with the year of manufacture. I had to turn in the MSO and what I had for serial numbers for any body parts, engine, transmission, etc. They send all that in, and said in 6 weeks or so I should get notice to go for an inspection. I posed the question of "since I have no VIN, how do I get insurance to drive to the inspection", they didn't have any idea on that. I did then talk to the inspector. He said you have to get the car here, and I will fail you on inspection, since you have no VIN. I said "How about I don't bring the car and you just fail me?". Nope, he needs to see the car and that it doesn't have a VIN. That then causes the paperwork to go back and the state will assign something called a Blue VIN. Some weeks later, you get another notice to go in for inspection again, and they have a local shop that they work with and you take the car and them there and they will affix the Blue VIN, and that will then allow you to pass the inspection. There is apparently no safety or equipment part of the inspection, they are only concerned with the numbers and having receipts for various things that are on the car. I guess in a number of weeks, I will find out how much of this is accurate. Stay tuned.

Alan Lofurno

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Mitch. Don’t you have an RCR? Mine came with a VIN and I had a plate made and fixed it to the drivers bulkhead/door jam. They simply checked that my VIN matched my paperwork. Also used the RCR vin for my insurance with Hagerty. I may be lucky, but process was easy in Oregon.
Yep, it is an RCR. Didn't have a VIN at least that I know of. I do have the blank RCR VIN plate. Yeah, I am in trouble now though as following the process, I will have to wait for the state to issue the blue VIN (in theory), and my insurance agent can't seem to figure out a way to insure it without a VIN. So can't drive without insurance because no VIN and can't drive to the inspection to get the VIN since.....

Randy V

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There was no VIN on that car Mitch. The VIN plate is as received from RCR.
Can you just cancel & start the process over at another office?
You should be able to assign your own VIN like:
Have the VIN engraved professionally at a trophy shop
Rivet to tub.

Many of the local Cobra guys have been through the process at that office you went to - so either the process changed within DMV or the persons helping you were simply lost or otherwise misguided..


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