Renault 4 speed transaxle



Hi there 40´s!

I have just registered to this sight as a proud owner of a GTD-40 and I have a lot of questions! (Too many I think!..hehe) For example I would like to have answers if there is possible to get a higher speed at every gear in my 4 speed Renalut 30 transaxle! I´am very pleased with it...!!

I wonder if there is anyone out there knowing anything about different ratios/exchange for the 4 speed Renault 30 transaxle! The outgoing shaft has wider circle area then the chevrolet/getrag/Hewland..think it is a R30!!!!! I also have proven it for two seasons with a 400 Bhp engine and it´s working very well - but it would be nice to have better endurance in the starting moment and offcourse higher top speed - today 155 mph at 7000 v....!

Hi Klout. I have a 4 speed Renault 30 sitting in my workshop. The ratios are 3.36 2.06 1.32 0.93 and a final drive of 4.125.
Unfortunatly you wont go fast with this setup. Dont bother changing gearsets. Just change the whole box. The Renault 30 5 speed would be what you are looking for (if you can find one) it gives you a 3.89 final drive and 0.82 5th gear. If you got lots of power you wont loose much in acceleration but will have a higher top speed. If you want to go even faster, get a Renault 21 turbo. Its got a 3.44 FD and will put you up around 280km @ 6500.

You are right about the strenght of these boxes. Too many people underestimate the Renault as a serious tranny.
Hi guys, I have every renault gearbox version that will fit into gt40. 4 & 5 speed
4:11, 3:88, 3:44 diffs. For further info e mail me direct. ok
All the very best