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Hi there
Nice to be back on board after a few major changes in the last few months.
First my wife Carol has been given a big challenge, Cervical cancer so we are working hard at kicking that to touch and just to really add to the drama, I got made redundant after 39 years. Just goes to show that nothing is ever to be taken for granted. I am only 6 months out from when I was going to wind back, even so its a bit of a shock.
Ideally its come at a great time because I can spend my time supporting Carol with no work dramas in the way.
Other than that, the McLaren replica that I built is in storage and the `Lotus 7` replica that I have built for her is almost finished with just a bit of wiring to get my head around.
I have as time permitted always kept an eye on what is happening on this site to just keep my interest up.
Been real interesting unwinding 39 years of support to stand on my own 2 feet, a new computer was just one part of the new experience. Just starting to get my head over the fence now and start playing in the shed. This little project started out with a 2ltr Nissan and now sports a 3.5ltr Rover mated to a Nissan 5speed gear box. Tons of torque and goes like stink.
I may even get the time to visit Graeme up north now.

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Welcome Russell....

Best wishes and prayers for your wife's speedy recovery..
The job thing just plain stinks and seems that it is more often the case when good people are forced into retirement early.. It does sound like you've already dealt with that and have a plan though.. Hang in there!
Welcome back Russell and I second those thoughts of the others. Your projects might offer a wee bit of welcome relief to the strains of your wife's battle. Positive Thoughts to you both. As for the job situation....that's just out and out a very shitty thing to happen to a 39 year employee.
Good to see you back Russell, all the best to Carol & you with this challenge, the 7 should help blow the doldrums out, just remember that when one door closes another usually opens!.... reminds me of a comment on 'the roaring season' a couple of days ago about Ernie Sprague when questioned as to whether he would like to have had some of his previous race cars back in a collection, ....." If you go thru life looking back at what you had or have done all you get is a sore neck':)