Replica regulator/transistor ignition modules


These are dummy/non functional copies of the original transistor ignition and alternator regulator modules. Genuine modules are as rare as hens teeth, and if you can find one, they can set you back around $1000 per module in a non-working condition. Even then, the common fix is to scrap the internals, and replace with modern solid state circuits. So if you're doing an authentic style build, these could be of interest to you.

These replicas are cast in epoxy and the back milled out to accept a regulator and relay respectively. They can be easily further modified for your application. First two photos are what I have for sale, last two show real items on real cars.

Only these two available. Asking $275 for the pair + shipping.

Call or text Elliot 941-468-0422 (Florida).


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Thankyou Charlie for bringing it to my attention,....I typed in my number incorrectly! My apologies!

Telephone number 9414680433.

Rick Muck- Mark IV

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Dig around truck boneyards for mid-60's-early 70's Ford medium/heavy duty gas engine trucks as these were very common on the 361/391 gas engines used then. The housing is the same for the truck voltage regulator as well as the 427 Galaxies and of course the Boss 302 rev limiters also. Ford always got their moneys worth on tooling!