Reproduction Hewlands?


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Terry Oxandale

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I observed a discussion with a gentleman that I believe was closely involved in these. BTW, I wonder what the 5th gear ratio is. It (37/37) appears inconsistent (typo maybe?) with the trend of the first 4 gears


The Hewland copy Lilo has on offer is supposed to have all the Mk.II upgrades, so depending on the metallurgy, machiningg and assembly it should withstand maybe even your engine. On the other hand, I don't know that's it's any stronger than a built 930, and it is $17,500, so I hope you don't get to find out.

Very nice job, Tom. I didn't know you had it finished. This would be much preferable for a normal driver, with the synchros and helical gears [The replica has dog rings].

The Hewland copy has dog rings, not synchros, and it has straight cut gears. If you've never driven something with straight cut gears you can't imagine the racket they make. They whine and resonate and buzz and hum. Listen to the sound track on "Le Mans" with the volume turned way up to get at least some idea. Don't have to worry about hearing the radio, though.So the Hewland, or copy, is only for the truly hard core.

I think Tom has a winner for a car you want to drive around in the real world, which describes most Manta owners. Not to mention the Torsen posi, a wonderful thing in it's own right. I bet the price is a lot better too.


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Off topic a little, but Toluca Lake Motorsports is Lilo Ben Zicron's shop for restoration and maintenance of his own cars. He races a 1970 Mangusta and an original Lola T70 amongst a few others. A real gentleman if you ever get to meet him and an inventor who has developed a new lightweight composite called Barotex.

Brian Kissel

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I was the high bidder on the auction that has closed. If I remember correctly my final bid was around $7300.00. Because it did not meet the reserve, it only shows the amount over the previous bidder. Just found my bid.

New Reproduction Hewland Style LG600,Lola,Can-AM,GT40
(Reserve Not Met)
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Your max bid: $7,287.87

Regards Brian
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