RF GT40 Replica for Sale - *SOLD*

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Roaring Forties GT40 Replica for Sale

I am selling my RF40. It is close to being a completed car and I would like to find a nice home for it in our GT40s.com community. I have spent a considerable amount of time putting this car together including machining and welding individual pieces.

To answer questions that are surely to follow this posting, such as why are you selling your 40, I will answer right here. I have my own business and like many others I have been hit hard by this latest recession. My business is in the building trades industry and it has gone flat for a longer time than any time in the past 25 years. This coupled with a battle with cancer has slowed my business as well as my build of my GT40. The good news is I may have beaten the cancer but there has been a cost.

You will see from the pictures that this is a nice car and close to completed.

Some of the specifics:
- a Roaring Forties 40 chassis and body
o I reworked the entire chassis myself.
o I have the body already painted in Ford Wimbledon White with red and black side stripes
o Matching center stripes still in the box
o Rear clip (hood) pins and brackets already installed
- Left hand drive
- Left hand shifter with rods
- Three spoke GT40 style steering wheel
- Lucas switches
- Classic Gauges
- Custom made original style seats in Nomex with brass grommets (still in the wrappers from the upholstery shop.
- Gauge labels (still in the box)
- Lucas wiper motor and washer
- Hand machined wiper spray nozzle
- Radiator from an ERA 40
- Machined, bent, welded and hand built pedal assembly
- Tilton master cylinders
- All brake lines custom made
- Suspension:
o Front 2002 Mustang uprights
o Hand build “A” arms (tig welded and machined)
o Extra “A” rear arms made (just in case), extra fronts cut but not welded yet
o RF uprights on the rear
- Custom built front brake cooling ducts
o Collector from the front clip
o Custom duct mounts on the discs (see photo)
- Custom built rear body framing, rounded lower section as in original 40’s
- Custom build sway bar and machined sway bar fittings and drop links
- Brakes from an 2002 Mustang (calipers and pads)
- Rebuilt /modified drag links from bushings to rod ends (easily adjustable)
- Avio Shocks with coil over springs
- Custom cut, bent and welded aluminum expansion tank in the original style
- Dunlop tires
- Halibrand style wheels
- Knock off spinner hubs
- Hartwell style body latches (machined and hand made)
- Stewart Warner fuel pumps
- Aluminum fuel tanks, with foam inserts
- Ford 302 engine out of an LTD ready for installation
o Ford “Shorty” water pump
o Dual point distributor
o GM One Wire Alternator
o New plugs
o Offenhauser 360 intake
o New Holley four barrel carb
o New Ford Racing valve covers
- Armondo’s GT40 replica oil pan
- Bundle of snakes exhaust
- All lights and horns are wired and functional
- Audi 016 transaxle
- Kennedy Engineering adapter plate for the trans-axle
- Kennedy KIT, fly flywheel, starter and pilot bearing
- Receipts for almost all parts

What is needed for completion:
- Audi 5000 turbo clutch and pressure plate assembly
- Slave cylinder
- Throw-out bearing
- Axels

The pictures below show the car with a plastic (actual size) Ford 302 block. The trans-axle and exhaust are real.

I am offering this GT40 at a no haggle price for what you could buy a kit Cobra.
My day time phone number is 703-222-2600, my home number is 703-722-2190. I have already lost my cell phone rights.

The car can be seen at my home in Northern Virginia.

The price is $40,000.


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Bill has sent me pictures of the parts he made for this car along the way and even sent me one of his expansion tanks. The pictures only give you an idea of the workmanship of the parts made by Bill such as the extremely nice Hartwell style body latches and the expansion tank, which has internal baffles to direct coolant flow. He is an artist of machining, bending, and welding to me as I was blown away with each piece I saw.

Fran Hall RCR

GT40s Sponsor
Re: RF GT40 Replica for Sale

I too would recommend Bill and his attention to detail to anyone interested.......
Re: RF GT40 Replica for Sale

Hi Bill,
I would like to know if is possible to sell the car without engine or with engine but with registration date matching engines´s emmissions due to emmission regulaltions here in Holland
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Hi Jannick,

It is possible to sell the car without the engine. The car is not registered in Virginia yet, but it does not require an emissions test in Virginia because it is based on a 1965 car. You can put your own engine in it to pass Hollands emissions testing.

My email is [email protected]

Thanks for your inquiry,
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If you have a car that is registered pre-'87 the emmision regulation doesn't concern. The car will be registered as an old-timer.
But be aware of cars registered later than '87, the car won't be an old-timer and you'll end up paying roadtax and BPM. They played a bit hardball with me because my English GTD was registered 1972 but rebuilt in 2003/2004. But eventually, after a lot of discussion and internet research, they give in and registered it 1972.
I actually don't know from what yearbuilt they will do emmission tests.
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Hi Bill,

i have sent you an e-mail asking the price of the car without motor. I hope to hear from you soon
Re: RF GT40 Replica for Sale

To all the folks that have been interested in this car, thanks for your interest.
This car has found a new home.

Bill T.
Re: RF GT40 Replica for Sale

to the Netherlands I hope...
car looks nice, would make the flat Holland looks a bit nicer :)
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