What are some good sources for Halibrand and BRM "Style" rims in the US? I am thinking about building my chassis. I really need something with 5 on 4.75 pattern. Image in the UK has a number of good looking options but would like to avoid international shipping......



I have a few 15" diameter x 14" magnesium wheels that were used on a Reilly & Scott Indy car but they are pin drive. Would they help?

Regards, Neil Tucson, AZ
X2 with vintagewheels. I had them do my cobra wheels, Bob was a pleasure to deal with and very helpful.
I may have 3 Magnesium, two rear and 1 front that are original in good shape here in US if interested. 15x8 front and 15 x10 rear as MK1 cars.
Thanks everyone and thanks for the offers Scott and Neil. I'm building a street car with Corvette hubs and may keep the brakes. If I keep the C5 or C6 brakes, I don't think they will fit in a 15 inch wheel. Looks like I'll be looking at Vintage or Image. If anyone knows of other sources for these let me know. I built a Cobra 12-15 years ago and used Vintage, they were nice and I have been satified, they're still on the car. The GT40 originals were 15x8 and 15x10 what were the original back spacings?

I built a FFR Cobra about the same time you did. I used Team III wheels and was pleased with them. It looks like Team III was bought by ET Wheels but the wheels I bought are still available. http://www.etmags.com/ac_iii.html .

I'm using late C4 Corvette hubs and brakes (12" rotors) on my build. I wanted to use 15" wheels for a period-correct look but it doesn't look like 15" wheels will clear the calipers so I'm going with 17" (better selection of tires too).