Road America July 2017

Kevin L


I believe that Dennis often takes care of the Gulf MK1 as well; have seen them together a few times up at RA.

Rick Muck- Mark IV

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They are both cars Dennis handles for the "arrive and drive" program. The MK II was Dennis' personal race car for years.

Randy V

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Appears that the driver of the red car downshifted and got into trailing throttle oversteer, then over-corrected...
Cold tires should not be trusted. Real pity.....

Rick Merz

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Same thing happened to me at Run and Gun several years ago, a cobra in front of me down shifted to get set up to turn left into the infield portion of the track after the start / finish line and selected 1st gear (instead of 3rd), I moved left and applied brakes and watched the cobra go right, left, right and touch the wall. When the dust cleared only the tail light was broken but I think he is still trying to get the crap out of his seat. All in all he did a good job correcting the car at 130+mph.