Road America Lola T70 reunion


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ROAD AMERICA (Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, USA) is pleased to announce that the Lola T70 is the featured marque for its summer vintage event, July 12-15, 2012! In partnership with the Hawk Performance Products Group, the event is being retitled The Hawk with Brian Redman, and will carry on all the traditions that have made it so popular with vintage race car owners and enthusiasts! Stay tuned!


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Can Am reunion weekend as well. This means that over the 4 track days the T70 coupes and spyders will blend in with the regular groups be it FIA or Can Am but on Saturday or Sunday there will be both a Can Am feature race and a Lola T70 feature race.
Wow, I wonder how long the tow is up there, 15 hours?

Longer than that for you I think. I seem to recall Dennis Olthoff talking 18 or so. We were about 14 from Buffalo in 2009 for the GT40 reunion but that did include a stop to purchase a new spare for the trailer (tire blew in Cleveland, had all of 400 miles on it and was pressure checked when we pulled out!)

RA is worth the haul. I had never been there before as I quit the Trans-Am team the week before the race in 1972 so I didn't make that trip. Beautiful countyside and neat track. We rented a house on Elkhart Lake that we split amoungst an "eclectic" group (Chris Melia, Ian Clark, Ross Henry and a bunch of others) so we lived large but the cost per body was reasonable. Even my wife had a good time.......

Dave Hood

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My first trip to RA was for the June Sprints in 1967 when I was eight years old. My neighbor's father was a sponsor for a driver named Fred Pipin, and later for Peter Revson in his L&M Lola. We went every year through about 1972. I fell in love with the CanAm cars then, and still believe that was about the best racing series of all time. I hope to get back this year. Elkhart Lake is a wonderful place to hang out and watch racing.
Ha haa, Rick you're a legend:laugh: these days, her indoors races I drink the wine and become a nuisance .
Wish we could be there --can't wait for the footage
You must be doing something right, Chris. Your picture hasn't aged at all!
Back onto the thread, it is frustrating to read, from down under, of the great events, drives, get togethers, etc. in the USA and UK which we cannot readily get to.