Roaring Forties 105

Hi Jim,

The master at it again A mate,its amazing see what you are producing here.
Did you think about putting an integral roll/safety frame into the spider,you could afford to make spider fatter to except tube and i think it would not be as intrusive in cabin.
Any way this from a mere mortal keep up the fantastic work Sir Jim.

Cheers Ali
Hi Ali
I dont know about master I am venturing into areas I have not been before.
I will put a rear hoop in, I will bolt it at the race belt mounts.
I dont want to over do it as it is a street car as well.
Putting rear legs through the bulk head to the eng bay will clash with already existing componentry and I will not be rehashing the car to do it.
It is a comprimise but what isnt.

You wont find any clamps, I went to every tool shop, hardware store ,auto store and took the lot.
Made the inner B pillar sections and also bonded them in.
This has made a huge difference to the rigidity of the turret.
When I glued the inner B pillars I had to make sure I set the distance between them pretty close as it has taken the flex out of doing adjustments after the fact.

I cut the sheet at the top so it has a tongue and it bonds to the rear chassis channel just to try to tie things in as much as possible.


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The body came off the buck and went on the chassis.
This part I have been a little anxious about, you can do all your measuring you like but you can still get caught out by small details.
Sills fitted up magic.
The roof fitted perfect , a little bit of height adjustment will need to be done around the L/H side of the screen to dash clearance.
The dash height must be slightly higher on that side as the metal work on the screen apron it all good.


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The reason I did the fit up is to work out the amount of space available for the inner A pillar shells.
I folded a sample to check the room as it travels down next to the dash.

I had to finalize the location of the wiper shaft on the front apron.

Also I need to work out the space between the back of the dash and the lower screen support as it will be double skinned as well.

That’s all I have at the moment.



Absolutely first class on that spyder, I wish we were on the same continent as I would have you do one for me. Your car is looking great and its got that "stance" if you know what I mean.
Looking forward to the rest of your build.
Done some more work.
Finished the inner A pillars and the sections in the lower screen area.

That was the last bit of work on the roof.
I made fixing brackets for the B pillars then I foam cored the entire roof / pillars and front screen support.
The B pillars I did last because you have a little work time before the foam solidifies, the B pillars I wanted to bolt down before setting was complete.

I was amazed at how rigid the roof is even before the foaming.



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Next stage is the doors.

I remade the intrushion bars.
I made stronger bars as the alloy door will not be the strength of the f/glass door.

I use 2x 22mm tubes then sheeted them on either side.
The tubes and cavity betwwen the tubes has also been foam filled.



I had to think about how to make the doors.
I started makeing a jig them realized it was a waist of time other than welding the floor and the inner panel.
So I am pretty much free handing it with out any jigs.

I wanted fairly decent radius's on the corners as it would give it a more authentic look.
Put the step in for the door pockets, I will cut them out when the welding is finished.



looks very cool jim was there any problems with the expander foam?
what you spend on alli work you will save on painting because it
would be a shame to paint such excellent work
looks very cool jim was there any problems with the expander foam?
what you spend on alli work you will save on painting because it
would be a shame to paint such excellent work
Thanks Chris

The foam filling went fine.
I used a mixing gun.
I did it in stages, A pillars and screen support first.
Roof in 3 stages then the B pillars.
The hard part is judging the amount
Before I used the gun I tried mixing in jars and pooring through a funnel.
FORGET IT it foams and wont to down the funnel.

I am thinking about scotch brite then clear it if I am happy with the finish of the metal work.
I will need to do some research on clears.


I was thinking about the polished stripes and number patches.
It would look like an old aeroplane plane.

It will come down to the finish ,The one thing I like about orange is they see you coming.

Ok Chuck your turn.