Roaring Forties new staff !!!

Robert Logan

Defunct Manufactuer - Old RF Company
It is with great pleasure that I can tell all that I have got a full time staff member on "spare parts " duty ONLY. Sam Ferrie has been with me for over SIX years but has just completed his degree in "International marketing" and after a short holiday started FULL TIME with me last week.

For a long time I have wanted a full time staff member with the responsibility in this area and with the ever increasing numbers of RF owners out there, now in the high 80's, I believe it was overdue. Sam has an outstanding knowledge of our cars and has for years juggled his studies with his job with us. He was my first choise for the job but studies must come first.

For all those needing help with parts please contact him in the usual way, I am sure he will be of great assistance to all.

As a secondary point , but of importance also, we have just finalised a deal with "TNT" the moving company and this will greatly improve our speed of reaction to our customer needs. Things are looking up at RF and as "Dr. Fraser Craine" would say "I'm listening" to all the requests from our customers.

Thank you for all your understanding,

Best wishes,


I will say that up to this point in time your customer service and attitude has been first rate. Good to hear you continue to strive for improvement. Looking forward to many years of enjoyment driving your car that I built!