Rob's RCR40 Build

Really like that screen! Fantastic job on your build. Where did you source the material for the screen?

Jack Molleur


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Thanks Howard.
The motor is a 1967 289CID, bored 030 and stroked by using a 302 crank. Total cubes now are 306CID. The heads are custom made aluminum pieces from Livernois Motorsports (bench flow graph below). Kieth Black high dome pistons. Didn't volume the assembly, so can only speculate the comp ratio to be about ~10:1. Cam is a TFS with cam lifts of Int 0.312/exh 0.319 (with the 1.7 rockers I-0.530"/E-0.542"). Full roller valve train, and of course, the ubiquitous Webers (as Alain de Cadene would say :)


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Chuck, correct, am also running the IDFs. I'm running 175 mains, F11 imulsions, 180 air correctors, 55 idles. As mentioned, it is a touch on the rich side. Probably could get a couple more HPs out of it with a drop to 170 mains, but since it's not for me.....I'll keep her on the rich side. A little insurance for me....they tend to go boom when they're fat..:D I don't want any phone calls later. If the new owner wants to get max HPs, he can change em. Post your jetting info on your log, and we can noodle it.

Molleur, screen was sourced form McMaster (PN 9227T14)

Howard Jones

That's pretty interesting. I have a 302, at about 9.2 to 1, Holley 750DP, FMS X303 alum heads with a bit of pocket porting, and a bit less cam, B303. I came out at 283HP at the wheels and 290ft/lb torque. Very close really. It's still my target to get to 1HP/inch on the chassis dyno some day. That seams to be a good target for a NA motor on pump gas. My guess is my motor is making about 350HP at the flywheel. Yours must be around 375-385. That's a really good number to put into a GT40. I bet it is really nicely balanced grip to power wise on track.

Have fun, you deserve it.


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Sounds like your turning some good numbers, especially for a 9.2:1 motor. You can certainly be happy with those. What fuel were you running?
I agree the 1HP to 1 cube is always my target too. I know I could exceed this if I wanted to with this engine, but again, built for robustness, not peak performance. I could go up a little more on timing, dial in the mixtures closer, play with the carb linkage some more (as I am not getting full WOT), play with the cam timing, and easiest of all run some high octane fuel. This pull was run with pump gas.
Bottom line really doesn't need more (as you eluded to). I can turn the car sideways with a flick of the throttle. The fun factor is there, with out it being a crazy ride and with out any risk of engine burn up from being tuned too tightly.


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Just thought I'd wrap up the thread with some beauty shots of my finished RCR......

I'd like to thank all my GT40s forum buddies for all the helpful information/advise during the build. It was and still is greatly appreciated.


Simply beautiful

Just because your done with the build doesn't mean you can't continue to share your tidbits of wisdom!
Terrific! Looks just like an original! Coud you also show a side view picture of the seats? I need to see how much lean back you have. I think I have my seats mounted too far back. My head hits the top and I'm only 5'10"

Hey Rob,

Thanks for all the excellent posts on this build log! rockonsmilerockonsmile You have done an outstanding and inspirational job for a lot of the RCR and other builders out here on the rest of the planet.

Where is the new home for your magnificent car? Maybe she'll show up in one of our local clubs?

Cheers Rob,:chug:

Randy V

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Rob - Your build thread has been EXTREMELY helpful to me and I know many others.. Thank you for taking the time to share with us..

Now - We just need some pictures of that beauty of yours from the rear! You know - what the competition sees! :thumbsup: :pepper: :thumbsup:
Simply a fantastic and well detailed build! Congratulations Rob, you have been a great source of input for other builders around the world. Thank you!


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Hi Gents,
Thanks for all the very kind words. Truly ..... greatly appreciated.
She was absolutely the coolest thing I have ever built. Can't wait to get started my next RCR eye candy.... :laugh: Stuck between a 917 and SLC at the moment. I've got a little while to figure it out, as I have my 69 Mach I in the shop now. Thinking a 917 would be with a 930 turbo drivetrain, and thinking an SLC would be cool with a blown 4.6 twin cam Cobra mustang motor. Decisions....decisions.......

BTW... I liked the "S-bend" shot (posted 9-9-08) the photographer took so much I decided to drop the $60 for the electronic copy. Seems some others also liked it, so I wanted to share it with whomever wants to take the time to download it.

On Track Shot: Click here

Chuck, Not plannning on going anywhere man..... Even if I'm spending too much time on the vintage stang forum...always an email away and happy to help in whatever way my feeble mind can.
Bill, I think the shot you're looking for was posted on 11-09-08

Randy V

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I just realized that youve SOLD your beautifull Forty!!!!

What an incredibl car!!!

Is the new owner among us yet?

Whatever your nxt choice is Im sure it will be spectacular...

Do you have any rear shots of your forty that you can share?

Thanks for all the work youve done here to help so manny people Rob!

Chris Kouba

...Stuck between a 917 and SLC at the moment...

Sad to see this chapter end, you've been a great lifeline when I needed a nudge.

May I be so bold to return the nudge- enough SLC's on the forum already, may I encourage you toward a 917? Either way, I'm sure the build will be stunning. Again...

Best wishes in your perplexing "dilemma".



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Just for sharing.........
Here is a new twist on my favorite pic....

Full res image here

A buddy of mine who is a graphics artist did the mods...he left dead space on the bottom so I can have all my desk top icons on the screen and not be in the picture.