Rogers SLC Build Thread

Roger Reid

Wahoo. Early Christmas, the Penski's came in. Thank you Fran. Also it looks like the Flowmaster Pro Series 13016100 mufflers will fit. I relocated the upper transaxle mount to the outside bracket (inside bracket removed) for clearance. Need to re locate the bracket on the black upper sub frame and should still have enough room for a heat blanket around the muffler. I was hoping not to have to do surgery on the upper sub frame and got lucky. There is more room on the drivers side and don't anticipate any problems there.
I am also using those mufflers , but I have them coming out the sides. I'm pleasantly surprised that they aren't excessively loud in that configuration. Apparently the cases are insulated and they don't get as hot as you would think.

Roger Reid

In switching over to the C6 X Tracker hubs I machined the rear uprights to accept a machined spacer. In measuring the C4 hub vs the C6 X Tracker, I required a 1/4" spacer. The first pic shows the C6 X Tracker with spacer left and the origional C4 bearing right. The upright was machined to accept the spacer so that the assembly is hub centric. The spacer also has the new C6 X Tracker bolt circle. The holes in the upright were machined to the new bolt circle. Then the holes on the inside of the upright were counter bored for clearance. I also had to 45 degree chamfer the inside for clearance to accept the new stub shafts from The Drive Shaft Shop. Next step is clear powder coating to keep the cnc suspension looking good long term.

Ken Roberts

I wonder why yours required a .250" spacer and mine was a .190" spacer. My uprights were an older version though. (not the first version but version #2). I wonder what thickness Ron used on his GT-R?

Howard Jones

Rodger, would you mind adding the above couple of posts and the information to the "SLC Hubs/ race worthy" thread. Thank you

Roger Reid

Roger, just checking in. Hope things are good. How is the SLC build going?
Joel. I've found myself being a full time caretaker for my wife. Hard to get out. But i'll get some wrench time here soon. Also hoping to do some autocross next Saturday with my son.

Brian Kissel

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Roger, sorry to hear of your wife's health issues. Family first. Please update us as your time permits. Good luck with the autocross.

Regards Brian