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as per your suggestion, we have enabled RSS feeds in the forums. In Firefox, you should see an RSS box in the right side of the URL bar (see attachment). In Internet Explorer, it should appear below the URL bar. Anyhow look up in your browser and the feed button should be there. I have also a link to the RSS feed in the footer.

By clicking on the feed button you will see a dropdown in case there is more than feed available. For example, when into a forum, you will be offered a feed to follow just that forum and another for the whole website.

For the more expert users, you can also customize the URL of the RSS feed to your liking. For example, to have feeds from specific forums, you can add the forumids variable to the URL, with forum IDs separated by commas: - 63,64

You can also alter the number of results returned (which defaults to 15) with the &count=X variable. For example, to return 50 results:

Thank you!



GT40s Supporter
It's a great facility, as I read all pages especially the technical and build pages although I mainly lurk in the paddock for posting. With the RSS feed on my Firefox taskbar I can select the general forum or any new post from a quick list.


Muchos Gracias