Scrap/Old tyres wanted

I am looking for some old 215/60/15 and 275/55/15 Avon CR6ZZ to use while I sort out my bodywork, I don't want to buy new as they will be scrap by the time I get my car built! I am in no mad hurry as currently I can't pick them up anyway! Just keep it in mind if you are thinking of changing your tyres once things get back to normal, I will be happy to give you some money for the old ones! Happy to pick up from anywhere in the UK,


Brian C

Mike Pass

I have two old 275/55/15 Avon cr6zz tyres available. Ok for your purpose. Drop me a message. I am in Oldham North Manchester.
Brian, I have 2 x Avon 215/60/15, 2 x Avon 245/60 15 and 2 x Pirelli 235/60/15, all used but less than 1/2 worn and road legal. Frank 01323 843839