Scratch build MK IV


After 30 years of dreaming, 12 years of reading here in the forum, I can finally start to realize my dream of the MK IV.
I know it's going to be a very long race, but hey what the heck if not now then when.

For a long time I thought I wouldn't get any parts, but thanks to the forum, it still worked.

First I put some of the parts on a rack to see how they fit together.
So I can now take all the measurements I need for the tube frame.
Maybe I will bring everything with a 3D scanner into my CAD program

I hope the whole thing will be riding sometime - keep your fingers crossed for me :cool:


So the next part of this adventure begins now.
The construction is so far completed and I can finally start to build.
To check my CAD data I have now built a wooden frame in the shape of my tube frame.
With this I can also adjust the body parts and check the last measurements before I weld the frame tubes.
The tubes will be laser cut by a friend.

I have already finished the welding table, on which the frame will be mounted.
Then the frame together with the table comes into the oven to anneal it stress-free.




Randy V

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Really nice work to this point!
I am curious how the lower control arms will be mounted to the chassis since it appears that the two mounts are not in the same plane..
Very few space for the spanner on the lower mounts but will work !!!
Those machined mounts are probably very pricy :rolleyes: but looks very smart ;)
Nice Tig welds too:p