seach accelerator cable

Hi ,

i come from germany and am looking for accelerator cable for my GT 40 for the holley carburettor.
Who can send me such a cable and the price.

greetings Huby
If you are having no luck sourcing LOKAR performance from Germany, look for a tandem road bike rear brake cable and housing from your local Bicycle Shop. They are the same size (~1.7mm x 3500mm), good quality, and are multi-strand. Go with a good brand like Campagnolo or Shimano. Because of the heat in the engine compartment, stay away from anything teflon-lined, as the heat may cause issues. I grease mine once a year or use the motorcycle cable luber to force the lube down the full length of housing.

Howard Jones

GT40s Supporter
Here are some in the euro zone. You can get an idea what you are looking for. Google 'custom made push pull cables' in your local area. Small airplane service company's can help as can small boat repair business's.