Seat help required

Hi guys... wondered if anyone out there could assist... perennial problem for us taller guys and rather than go the Gurney bubble route or lowered floor was wondering if anyone had experience of "seat unstuffing" ...!!! Tales of experience and bruised backsides of interest in the search for the elusive extra inch or two for us 6 foot plus fellas.........
Very interesting suggesting and I read on another previous post a very similar suggestion... Out of intetest how much head room do do feel you gained....??? Sounds like my backside would be grateful and for sure sounds way easier than starting the process of ripping the stuffing out of the seat.... It's a great idea and much appreciate you taking the trouble of responding...
Ahhhh if only....not in the CAV or supaperformance league.... just aquired a humble KVA... it's nice but at 6 feet 2 myself it will be a real squeeze....!!! Don't fancy chopping 2 inches off my height so looking at all more realistic options before going down the bubble or floor route.......As a newbie appreciate the heads up so to speak fellas...!! Cheers
Marcus, I have an early mono CAV and the cars have a direct lineage to KVA via GTD. Mine also doesn't have a dropped floor so its dimensions may not be as different as you might otherwise suspect.
I've also seen quite a few KVA adverts but there was nothing humble about them, they were terrific cars. The ones I saw (like my CAV) had inserts in front of the foot-wells that can be removed. On my car there is significant space in front of them.
I think I picked up about two inches with my seat arrangement. I'm right at 6ft. However, my car also has multiple location mounts for the pedal assembly resulting in plenty of room to scoot down. My car also had a bit of fore-aft seat adjustment (think airline seat). So in my car, there is a lot of space going forward in the foot-well. My suggestion would be to measure and mark your shoulder height in the seat and measure shoulder to cockpit roof distance and determine how much additional headroom you need. Then unbolt the seat and experiment with spacers and see of you can tilt it back enough to get the space you require. Even if you have to modify the seat, that would be far cheaper than dropping the pan. Given your size, when you're in the car, I suspect you pretty much compress any stuffing in the seats so I don't think removing anything there will get you any material benefit. I bet there are several KVA owners that have faced similar issues and come up with other solutions. As keep reminding myself when I'm fussing with the car, "it's a hobby they said, it's fun they said...".
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Pat awesome of you to provide the detail....... I will go the route as you suggest for sure first.... Having taken the plunge to finally afford my dream car is one thing....getting comfortable in her will just have to be sorted somehow...!!! ....she won't just be a piece of garage art either.... I have done Le man and Spa classics for years but never in my own recreation of history so for 800 mile trips she had better be comfortable.... Air conditioner unit first order of the day ATM.... any advise welcome from you experts out there but was thinking something driven off engine rather than electric would most likely have more woof.... Le Mans C was an furnace this year so would like to avoid driving the fastest sauna on the planet...

Ian Anderson

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It all depends
I am 6’3” and fit in my Dax but Dax is an inch taller
And I can wear a crash hat but it rubs the inside of the door
Are you long legged or long body.
Me 33 length trousers
Brother in law same height but 30 inch and he was head restricted in mine!

Now Chris Edwards had a KVA and is 6’5” and drove his with a crash hat and no bubble!
I tried it for size and could not depress the clutch fully

So you can fit but it takes work

Awesome informative post Ian...thanks...
I am longish body with 33" leg so really hoping the spacers under the front seat fixings cantilever the seat back enough. ... !!! Hopefully the legs will still make it to depress clutch...
Sounds like Chris Edwards at 6'3" for my KVA will be my go to guy re set up... good to know he manged to shoe horn himself in....really appreciate all the advice... as a GT40 newbie it's great to receive such welcome advice from such knowledgeable owners.... This GT40's forum rock's IMO...
6feetTwo is quite doable, its size twelve feet that are big ! I am doing a conversion for a 6Feet3Inch size twelve at the moment on a GTD40, includes a 40mm floor drop and new peddle assembly, Frank,
You might be a great guy to know Frank... !!! I'll give things a try with all the good seat advise I've recieved and if I still scalp myself closing the door I'll be in touch...
Phenomenon link Ian.....lots of amazing info to digest... If a seven footer can get comfy then at 6'2" I should be a breeze....
Can't wait to start the customizing process.... Will be Hertfordshire based so look forward to catching up with fellow owners in due course.....Marcus