See my RCR40 on the LEVERAGE TV show (The Boost Job)

I was fortunate enough to have my car used as a prop during the filming of Leverage (Season 3, Episode 8 )
The Boost Job Air Date : 8/1/2010

So I wasn’t fortunate enough to let them use my car like my friend Don Newman, who was asked for the use of his FFR Roadster for the Leverage episode that is now filming here in ( The City Of Roses - Portland Oregon). They also asked me to bring my car thanks to Don and spend a day at the Portland International Raceway for some filming. My car was still in the sorting out stage since it hasn't been in my possession very long. My friend Don Choura trailered the car out to the shoot and then we set the RCR40 up as background for the shoot at P.I.R. that day. I am not sure how much we will see of my car, but I thought I would give a heads up and that we will be on a very cool TV Show August 1st. Don’s FFR was filmed all week long and was a main caricature for this episode with Bill Englvall as the driver and guest star for this show.

Here is a link to some back stage footage they gave to the Portland International Raceway. Go to the right lower side of the page and check out the video from the day we spent at the track.

Welcome To Portland International Raceway's Official Website

Below is my friend Don C with my car at the P.I.R. filming and the other picture is of my friend Don N with Bill Englvall at the actors tent. My car was parked a few feet from where they would all rest. Too bad I was to chicken to go over to them and ask for there picture with my car. I wasn't supposed to have a camera there so I really couldn't ask them if I wanted to anyways. :sad:

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Hi Randy, I am sure once you see the show you'll like it. I watched the first & second seasons on My son has Netflix and they have the show there as well.