Shannons Sports & Muscle Car Spectacular QLD AUSTRALIA - 25th & 26th June

Shannons Sports & Muscle Car Spectacular at Queensland Raceway on 25th & 26th June. Practice is on the 24th.

Huge event and one of the main features is the Cobra/GT40 Challenge Sprints. Plus lots of significant vehicles and drivers. On the Sunday there is a huge show & shine held in conjunction with the racing events. Show & Shine competitors get to take a lunch time blast around the track.

RCR have a few garage rows booked for customer cars. A9, A10, B9, B10. At the end close to the main entrance, opposite the tower. Just look for the RCR signs.

At the moment it looks like we will have 5 x RCR's there: 2 x RCR-40's, 2 x SL-R's & 1 x SL-C. I think all are competing on track.

Great event and a must attend if you are local.

Have attached the PDF brochures for it. Also link to Queensland Raceway Web Site: QLD Raceways :: 1800 RACERS


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The biggest smile I have ever seen was from a bloke called flatchat, finishing his first run with his new toy at Shannons Muscle Car Spectatular
Quote) I can point it wherever I want and it will follow and so will I

Thanks to all my fella compeditors for a great comp. and although I was not as quick as you I had a great time

Cheers Wayne


:D:D:D and still smiling -- glad you could be amongst us Wayne --its for the comeraderie
The only thing that went wrong all weekend was a broken finger nail - and had to fix that :laugh:
Hey Chris,
I'm glad to see you have the T70 running well. I've been following your build - well done.

We will be at Morgan Park for a one-hour in september. Hope to see you there. Do you (can you) plan to run the car in production sports at some stage?
Yes, I am always under the pump. Lots of kits to get out at the moment. Will try and post some photos tonight. Also have some video.

Race Results are here:

NATSOFT Race Result

Look under Cobra & GT40 Sprints for GT40's. Gary Walther doesn't normally race with these club guys, he normally plays with the big boys. It is a full spec race car with a Cobra shell.

GT40 times:

John RCR-40 0:58.94
Greg DRB GT40 1:01.33
Paul RF GT40 1:01.54
Wayne RF GT40 1:07.90

Look under regularity for RCR LOLA(Flatchat), SL-C & SL-R. VZ Commodore was the V8Supercar.

It lists Craig White as the driver for the SL-C, but it was my brother John driving.

Flatchat's RCR T70 best time appears to be 1:19.61.

Old V8Supercar was 1:19.89.

John driving SL-C was 1:21.38.

Phil driving an SL-R was 1:27.38 (1st time racing).

Flatchat was very impressive and I expect he has much more time in it. Well done Chris.

The black SL-C put down some good times as they always do. It is only a street spec car running stock street pads, springs etc. We just ran some 2nd hand Hoosiers on it and clicked up the shocks. Plus I gave John strict instructions to take it easy, no revs over 6000 and keep well away from the other competitors, which he did. Just ran it around the track for promo purposes.
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Hi Craig

well done, congrats to you and John.
What times does a well driven GT3 RS on Semis (or slicks) manage on this track ?

Never mind, i found it in the timetable. Division "Porsche racing cars", best time seems to be a 1:14 on a GT3 Cup. Are they on Slicks as well ?

Now i´m impressed, a full 16 seconds faster than a GT3, this puts the performance of the RCR40 in the right perspective.

I´m anxious to go to the track and my target always was to beat the GT3´s, so judging from Johns and also CHris performance it seems to be doable, its just the weak driver who can mess it up.

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Tom, that would be a GT3 Cup Spec Race car. I just love their doors, they are carbon of course and incredibly light. Had some doors down at the factory the other day.

Michelin full slicks would be on that GT3 Cup car. We actually use their old throw away slicks. So John with his RCR-40 is running 2nd hand Michelins from the Porsche's etc.


Tom, --just to clarify those times---
The GT40s and Cobras were on the "clubman" circuit = 2.1 klm
The T70, SLC etc were on the "national" circuit which is 3.12 klm ,the GT3 / cup cars run this at around the 1:12 -1:14 per lap -- V8 super cars around 1:10.
The T70 could quite easily mix it with the cup cars ---if it had another $300,000.00 thrown at it.:D --may be next year

The sounds mighty tempting Tim, but not the 1 hour--couldn't carry enough fuel
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Hi Chris

Thanks for that clarification. I wondered the whole day about it.

But than your 1.19 is mighty impressive against the 1:14 of the best porsche



No Frills -- Plenty of Thrills !


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You were mighty quick out there Chris! Enjoyed watching your turn of speed, had i known it was you from the forum, i would have popped over to say hi.


Any time Paul.
Pics lifted from a promenant club member, Tx Wazz.


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