Shipping a car for a driving tour

Jeff Young

GT40s Supporter
Considering shipping my 72 Charger to Norway for a driving tour of Norway ending at Power Meet in Vasteras Sweden (huge American car show) in July of 2017.

Anyone ever done anything like this? Insurance/registration issues?

Ian Anderson

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I looked into this a few years back
I was going to do it in reverse and ship the GT40 to USA for a number of anniversary events.
Your emissions governing body turned up a brick wall that could not be got around (EPA)

At the same time as I was talking to shippers I asked about the reverse.
Basically you can temporary import a car into the
UK very easily and have a few forms to fill in.

Once here so long as you have the temporary import permit (guarantees you will remove from EU after the period allowed) you get local insurance and drive away from the docks

You are then in the EU and can move around the EU fairly easily (except Spain where you need a bail bond thing set up but insurance company in UK can set this up)

Now shipping to a different EU country could be more or less problematic

Now Norway is not in the EU but has good borders with the EU and will give reasonable access, like driving USA to Mexico


Ian Anderson

Lifetime Supporter
Companies In UK I contacted
Map Cargo, very friendly but then again I was paying them about £80k annually through the office
SBS, who are now part of DSV who do this regularly for US military and their families

HMRC is the customs website in the UK and again are helpful in confirming stuff

Fwiw I shipped my GT-350 clone to England in 2004 and kept it there for two years. Took 16 driving holidays all over Europe. It was fantastic!

I wouldn't go through the effort and cost for a single trip though.