sieg x2 clone milling machine....

Doc Watson

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Just got hold of one of these.....see pic

Sold by Machine Mart
Brand Clarke CMD300 3-axis mill

Was originally looking for a decent TIG welder and walked out the shop with the mill and a few other goodies. Smuggled the pallet (they delivered a pallet!! with all the tools I had acquired to the back door) into the shed and ripped open the box.

Nice machine but has taken a few evenings to get it set correctly (lapping the ways, jib screw adjustment and general shipping grime cleaning).

I am going to cnc the mill and will then be able to make some much needed parts for the GT.

I have a thread in the x2 clone mods, on another site...

Admin, is it ok to post the thread location here?

Good to get greased up again after 25 years!!!!!



Hi Doc,
Any issue give me a shout. I have a Clarke X1 clone I CNC'd last year, and a bigger RF25 (round column) clone for heavy stuff. Thinking of porting the CNC stuff onto the bigger machine if I'm honest. The X1 has worked well for me though, if a little hands on. Great for small stuff and alloys, slow going in steel! I used one of the cheap Chinese stepper kits, though was very glad I went up a size on the motors very extra speed and torque. Have a £20 PC in the garage running Linux to run it.
PS. If you get questions tell the other half you bought a drill. She won't realise that a mill / drill is about five times the cost!