Silverstone Classic 20-22 July 2018

:helmet: Hi ALL Members.
I bring to your attention the discount offer available to all CLUB MEMBERS. 2 for 1 entry & infield parking for Classics Cars.
Full details on the New Club Website/ Events page where you will find details of numerous events now posted.

GT40 Enthusiasts Club :: Upcoming Events
Use the Discount CODE.

This offer is only available until the end of March!
The organisers send me a list to confirm those who applied are CURRENT members, others will not have the tickets issued.
RENEW your Membership NOW on the Website!!
Club & Membership Secretary.
Great, I have planned the Silverstone Classic to visit, but my GT40 is no where near finished...
Ill bring a Ford Capri but Ill guess thats not an option on the Club Stand.
Guess I'll take some RetroRun tickets and park at their classic parking.
My GT40, P/1042 has been invited to give journalist's rides and for testing on the GP circuit during the Silverstone media day on 2nd May. I'm busy polishing and hoping the weather will be dry for once! Andrew
Have booked Retrorun tickets myself so I am on the infield also at the Retrorun parkinglot.
Will bring a Capri. Not sure which one as we can choose out of nine..
TRACK PARADE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
The Silverstone Classic Organisers have allocated the GT40s a Track Parade!!!!!!!!
It is scheduled for Lunchtime Saturday 21 July...........
Be at the Gt40 Club area 10.30 - 11.00AM for instructions from the organisers.
Car club package is available until the END of MAY.
Track Parade available as well, see my previous post
Sign up NOW for a great weekend.
See you there.
Although I am doing the Retrorun and bring a not GT40 ( Zakspeed build Capri) I am parked on the Retrorun field but for sure I will vissit the GT40 stand.