SL-C Interior Pics

Last night I started to cover my interior pieces in alcantara. Since my A-pillars do not line up with the body of my car; I used Dynoglass to contour the A-pillar to the body of the car and fill the gaps. Once the panels were covered and installed, I came back with door edge trim that you can get Autozone and ran it around the door opening. Doing these modifications really gave my car a more production car feel. I will be doing the dash and door panels next but that will take some time because I think there will be sewing involved.

Please post your dash and door panel pictures so I can get some good ideas.



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That looks good. Did you just glue the alcantara on? Is it difficult to conform it to the piece?

Here's some pics of my interior:

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I used contact cement from Lowes, you have to make sure you get the liquid and not the gel. I poured the contact cement in the in an air spray gun that has a 1.8mm tip and I used around 80psi. I sprayed both surfaces, then let them dry and started working the material on the part. The alcantara does not flex and was very difficult to work around the A-pillars, but the head-linear was easy.
I'd like to see more pics of the interior of the light blue SL-C which found its way onto the Facebook page.
I'm planning to do a thread with all the details of my interior. I've been working elsewhere on the car, though, and just haven't gotten around to taking more pics of all the interior details.

More pics as I take them. For now, here's the one that was on the Superlite Cars FB page:

You can already see some of the details, including the Android tablet in the center stack, the OEM steering wheel (with working radio controls for source and volume), Tillet B5 seats, custom Schroth harnesses, etc. More details later...
Here are some pics of the interiors from the Australian cars. Some of those are very well done, despite the steering wheel being on the wrong side!

Mr. Campbell, I had no idea your interior was so nice. I really like what you've done from the door panels to the dash. Nice. nice stuff! If you would could you post a few more. Thank you Sir....
For those of you who have not wrapped your panels or maybe considering the carbon fiber option; you may want to consider wrapping in alcantara. I have found it has reduced the cabin noise a bit and makes the ride more enjoyable.