SL-C Kudos/Shout out Thread

In my experience, we (society) are quick to criticize, but all to often, slow to give credit when credit is due! How about when we encounter an individual, company, product, tool, process.... or whatever that performed above and beyond our expeditions, we give a short SL-C kudos shout out here!

I'm thinking that this may be extremely helpful to fellow builders when sourcing suppliers, tools and materials.

I'll post a few examples of people/companies/tools that in my opinion deserve a kudos shout out:shout:

Kudos to Fran at RCR/SL-C for hiring Dean as a Customer Service point man!

With all that Fran has on his plate and the rapid growth RCR is experiencing; I think it was either a case of Fran figuring out how he could do 72 things at the same time....or hire a Customer Service representative. I see this new position not only as a positive move for RCR but also a net positive for us builders! A win-win.

My contacts with Dean has been extremely positive; leaving me with the distinct impression that he definitely is the right person for this thankless non-revenue producing job!

Thanks Fran and good luck Dean with your new job.
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Kudos to fellow builders Alex and Yos for passing on information about a combination drill/tap bit set. I consider myself a bit of an tool-a-holic; yet I never heard of this fantastic time saving gadget.

I bought a set of Greenlee # DTAPKIT 6-32 to 1/4-20-$23.70 & # DTAPKITM M3-M10; $27.14 plus an optional DTAP3/8-16-$8.52 at Amazon.

Kudos guys, you probably saved me a hundred hours of tapping labor!
Kudos to Troy and Jamie at Dash Commander. During a very nice phone conversation with Jamie, I expressed my concern about only a one year warranty. I told him that if bought the unit today to take advantage of the current discount, theoretically, it could sit on my shelf for months before I actually install it and possibly additional months before I get the car running and find out if works.

Jamie and Troy rethought the policy and proposed a 1 year warranty with a 5 year activation period.
To activate your warranty, you simply snap a digital pic of your installed unit, e-mail it to Dash Commander within 5 years and your 1 year warranty begins at that point. What could possibly be more fair than that? I like companies that listen to their customers concerns and act accordingly.

A big SL-C kudos to Dash Commander.
I would begin with Fran, Vicky, and comp. Way above and beyond beyond!
Kudos out to Doc Kaler, Will Campbell, Wayne and all of the others that have contributed to the SL-C knowledge base with direct assistance or information.
I'd list them but there are too many!

Can't leave out our forum moderators for a splended and continuing job.
Jack, I totally agree! Good start to the certainly got the concept of the thread. :thumbsup:
Fran, yes like a lot of us running around with are hair on fire! I am sure tries his best.I have been dealing with dean as we just got our gt-40 mk-4 and so far he has been great! My hat goes off to Vicki as well! as she has always been patient and nice to deal with. They seem a good group, I am sure there are some in the shop that we don't talk to as well. Kudos to all the good hard workers out there that make it work.....M
Just celebrated my 31st anniversary. I would like to give kudos to my wife Leslie for putting up with my passion for cool toys and giving me her support.
I am in position too to send to Fran hundred of thanks ; no thousands of thanks ............... am not a customer of RCR but Fran is helping me in sourcing an important part missing in my 908 project offering kindly his time and RCR capabilities!!!
My hat to this great car passion man who did by before similar helps !!!
Kudos to him !!!
If RCR is going so well in the kit car indutry while everywhere is crisis is probably because Fran understand what is really homebuilding passion and he is ready to be close to all of us .

Early on in my build I could not find any disc brake upgrades for the C-4 Corvette that came on my car. Out of the blue this guy Fran Hall emailed me and told me he had just what I needed. This had to be back at least 8 years ago while he was just starting out. He sent the brakes, rotors, hats, bolts, and even the giant 1/2" taps that I would need along with the instructions on how to mount everything. All was hand written. He didn't even ask for the payment. I wrote him asking how much for the goods and sent a check for $1000 along with it. About a month later he finally slowed down enough to to write me and send a bill which I gladly paid the balance. He didn't have to do any of this but he is that kind of guy. Thanks Fran.

In the End it was all good, The wait was the hardest. Fran came through, and with everything he had going on did a good job. Now with the help he needs it can only get better. Vicky is great and stays on top of things and is great lady to deal with, Tony Novotny he is the guy who builds the fiberglass components and is the Canadian importer for Fran, super big help great guy and is a big part to make it all happen.
its also the feed back from all the builders and hobbiest who share there build logs and keep adding their 2 cent worth that is helping this car evolve into a real supercar.
Cheers to all of you, keep up the great work.
... In addition....The guys at Driveshaft shop are super quick. Jim at Cableshift was very helpful. The guys in NJ with Digidash were great for info too....