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All machining was completed today. The finish looks good, the holes line up and the flat heads sit flush. We have to tweak the hardware a little bit (i.e., we're going to use shoulder bolts that are 1/8" longer) and we need to laser cut the steel drill jigs. In addition, we changed how we're handling the arm spacers. On most SLC's they should be about 2" wide, but the car isn't perfectly symmetrical. So, we machined the spacer 1-3/4" wide and we're going to provide two 1/4" and two 1/8" laser cut spacers with the same profile (we can provide more if needed).

We may also subsequently offer 2-1/4" wide spacers so that those with a milling machine can cut them down to the perfect size.




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We’ve completed the first batch of hinges and we’re ready to ship them. The price is $700/set which includes shipping to the 48 continental states and PayPal fees. We have 15 at this point and we need to know how many to machine in the second batch.

We’ve made the following changes since the initial 3D video:
  • All Torx screws have been changed to hex screws
  • We added two ¼” and two 1/8” arm spacers
  • We added a more streamlined extra-cost option to retain the shoulder bolt
This video shows the standard shoulder bolt retention option:

On most SLC's the arm should be spaced about 2" from the radiator supports, but builds vary and the car isn't perfectly symmetrical. So, we machined the arm spacer 1-3/4" wide and we're providing two 1/4" and two 1/8” laser-cut shims. This will allow you mix-and-match to locate the hinges. If you need more, let us know. We are also considering a machine-your-own option in the second batch. These will be 2-1/4” wide and will require you to machine them to the correct width. If we go this route, we think it will be a wash in terms of price because we won’t need to provide the shims, but we haven’t validated that yet.

Aluminum spacer shims and steel drilling jig

The $700 price includes a stainless steel nyloc to retain the shoulder bolt. This works great, but the nyloc and ball bearing are visible. We are providing a streamlined option which covers the ball bearing with a washer and removes the nyloc. To accomplish this we machine a longer shoulder bolt to the perfect length and then tap it to receive a button-head screw. We believe this to be strong enough and reliable if Loctite is used on the button head. The result is a very streamlined appearance which costs an additional $30.

Standard nyloc on left and streamlined option on right

Shoulder bolts: standard on bottom and machined on top

Both Bob and I have the street splitter. It’s our understanding that the track splitter will require an additional spacer under the hinge’s Foot. The foot has a simple profile and we assume that this piece can be easily fabricated by the builder. However, we’ll evaluate making an additional part based on feedback.

If you’re interested in a set of hinges, PM or email me with the following information:
  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Forum Name
  • Splitter Type (Street or Track)
  • Arm Spacer Type (Mix-and-Match or Machine-at-Home)
  • Shoulder Bolt Retention (Nyloc or Streamlined+$30)
  • Shipping Address
  • Payment method (PayPal or Check)
  • If PayPal, your PayPal address
I’ll respond with an email indicating if you’re in the first or second batch. If you’re about to paint your car, let me know and I’ll make sure that you’re at the top of the list. I will ask for payment when your hinge is ready to ship. We expect to start shipping the first batch this week.
very nice - make sure though you re-enforce the bond between the stantions and the front clip ... several people tried to do a tilt front nose a looooong time ago (10+yrs ago) and they all failed as the stantions eventually broke off.

Ken Roberts

This style of hinge mount does not bolt to the Stantion. It bolts to the fibreglass nose at the side of the brake duct openings.