SL-C Owners Map

Thanks Ben I got it on there, I would love to see who has a street legal one and who only tracks theirs I have been told that there only 12 or so SL-C cars on the street here in the US do you know if that is correct?
Good question, and one I've pondered myself. To be honest, I'm not even sure how many have been sold. I'm sure someone else here has an idea.
Ben how do you think we can get all the SL-C owners to respond to if there car is street or track only start a new post?
Finally! I'd like to join the party please :D

I'm just starting my build, but could you add St. Cloud, FL? Thanks!
Bob: Not sure my friend. It seems like I'm adding people to the list on a weekly basis, but I'm sure that not every owner plays on this web site.

I wonder if the Admin would consider making this thread a sticky (being that there has been a lot of interest).

Glad to add you to the list Yos! I'll make your marker green:D. If you PM me your email addy, I'll send you the link to the map.
I've started adding "street/track car" to the owners name (Under additional information).

Updated member list:

Doc Kaler
John Ross
Andrew Davis
Bob D
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Ben I went on the site but I could not find where to edit under additional information can you add me as a street car or tell me where to go and I will add it
The closest car to you, as listed on the map, is in Georgia.

After adding Mark Gray to the list today, we're up to 23 owners on the map (Fran is listed on the map Grant:eek:).
Thanks Ben great job, great idea for tracking fellow SL-C owners maybe one day we will have owners meet so we can see all the cars, a SL-C owners rally, then we can see all the ways everyone has accomplished their assemblies
At this point it's an unlisted private map for the owners. Don't forget to add "Street car" or "Track car" to the comment area of your location.:thumbsup: