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The SLC, like any car of its type can be a complex project to build. That's why, in addition to forums like this, there is a wiki, where build information, history, build tips, etc, are organized in an easy-to-search, user friendly fashion.

A wiki, for those not familiar with the term, is sort of a user-maintained website that allows collaborative editing by it's users. For technical and licensing cost reasons, there are only a limited amount of editors, but anyone can read the wiki, and comment on it. Those that want to contribute can become editors, or just send their insights to me or Scott Swartz via PM on the 40s forum.

The wiki is not a Superlite or RCR project, but is entirely user-created and supported. That's why it's important for everyone building a car, or really, anyone with something useful to add, to contribute to the wiki. Since there is no factory support, we as builders have to keep it alive, and provide value to ensure that it remains as a great source for current and prospective builders.

So, please read, and contribute!

The URL for public access (meaning, anyone can use this to read and comment), is easy to access. Just type in the address bar of your browser.

Have fun, and enjoy!


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Note that if you use the generic logon below (rather than you gain access to the following:

  • Nice Summary page that shows thumbnails of all recently updated pages and uploaded files
  • Search (upper right hand corner)
  • Ability to make a comment at the bottom of every page except the Summary page
To gain access to the enhanced features, go to the following URL (note no 'public' prefix):

You will be prompted for an email address and password they are as follows:

[email protected]

Once you've logged on once, your browser should cache the credentials and you should not need to log in again.

If you'd like to contribute content, you can make comments on the wiki, PM Will or I, or we can set you up with rotating edit account. I've seen many people comment that they read something somewhere (often on this forum) and they can't find it again. If the link is inserted into the correct place in the wiki it's easy to find... and the person that you help just might be yourself!
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Is there an issue with the wiki?
Tried to log on just now but got a message that the license has expired.
We've successfully moved the wiki to a new host. In the process, we updated the look and feel, and made it much simpler to access.

To use the wiki, just type in "" (without the quotes) in your browser. You no longer need a login, and all data is available to everyone!

The major change is that the wiki now uses a moderator model. This means that contributions should be emailed to Scott or me (the moderators), and we will update the relevant pages with the new information.

We'd prefer the original style where everyone could edit pages directly, but the new hosting site software really doesn't support a traditional wiki with accounts, editing oversight, change tracking, etc., hence the new model. Our experience over the years is that frankly, there is very little editing done by others anyway.

We're hoping that just sending an email with a Word doc (or similar) and pictures will encourage more people to contribute, as previously there was a bit of a learning curve to editing pages. Under the new model, anyone can send us an email, with or without an attached doc or pictures, so it's about as simple and easy as it could reasonably be.

Please contact us if you have a question, a suggestion, or have insights for the wiki!