SLC Car Cover

Dan Carter

OK, this is an odd question, but has anyone found a ready made car cover that fits over the SLC? I have a wing which is making it harder than usual. I have a couple oif car shows to attend and the cover will come in handy.
I'm glad you brought this up, I've been meaning to look into this. What kind of cover are you looking for? Indoor/outdoor, or primarily indoor? Has anyone had a custom car cover made?
Does that same cover work well for race tails with the rear wing? - oops read the rest of what you said, not with rear wing.

Anyone with a race tail have a solution yet?
I have a cover from an Impala SS and it is a loose fit, but mostly covers the race tail with a high-mount wing. I've measured for a custom cover, but haven't found the time to actually send it in to get a custom cover made.
I have an NSX cover I fits pretty snug. The only issue is the mirror pockets may be off. Took a picture tonight with the wing on so you can see how the cover still grabs around the back corners of the body and then goes over the top of the wing mount. Attached a couple of pictures. Don't have a good one of the front but the front fits the street splitter perfectly.


Dan Carter

Some good data points. I do have a unique problem as you can see from the completed car picture.....the tail. I found a series of covers that held promise Rampage car covers. I stared with PN 1304 which fit the car pretty well but not over the wing. It was on sale for $39.99. I then jumped up to the PN1306 which as you can see is bulky, sloppy even but it covers and will work for my cost $70. It would take a full custom cover to do it right, but these are water proof (yes it will pool some) and will work in the garage and at the car show in the event of an odd rain shower. Anyway, it works for me.