FS USA SLC Corvette wheels and brake disks

Howard Jones

The wheels are C6 standard F-18X8.5, R-19X10. They are powercoated satin black and are as new condition. They cost 100 bucks each to powercoat and are about 500-600 a set on ebay. How about 200 bucks for all four. If you need a set of wheels then this is as cheep as they get. This is bottom dollar pricing. Its not worth boxing them up and taking to UPS for less.

The brake disks are the original wildwood/corvette brake setup that came with the first few cars. How about 100 bucks.

How about 250 for wheels, rotors, and I'll throw in the wheel spacers.

I also have a set of 255.40.18 R6 Hoosiers, mounted but never driven on. These are pre heat cycled from tire rack and cost $338 + 15 bucks to heat cycle them. How about 300 for both.

You pay shipping on everything from SF bay area Calif. USA