SLC - Flasher Wiring


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Looks like a switch needs to be added if you want 4 way flashers.

I've checked the wiki and manual but don't see anything on that.

Anybody have a diagram for that?

There is a lead on the Infinity Box harness. So can i just use a simple spst switch with one lead to to the switch and the other to ground?


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there's a pre-programmed wire in the master cell specifically for 4-way flash function. run that wire to a switch, ground the other end of switch (or run a black master cell wire to it) and done (assuming front/rear turn signal lights have been hooked up).


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Thanks Alex, thought that might be the case.

On a related note, is there another wiring diagram for the GM steering column?
The one in the manual doesn't seem to match the harness that came with my car.