SLC - Flasher Wiring

Looks like a switch needs to be added if you want 4 way flashers.

I've checked the wiki and manual but don't see anything on that.

Anybody have a diagram for that?

There is a lead on the Infinity Box harness. So can i just use a simple spst switch with one lead to to the switch and the other to ground?
there's a pre-programmed wire in the master cell specifically for 4-way flash function. run that wire to a switch, ground the other end of switch (or run a black master cell wire to it) and done (assuming front/rear turn signal lights have been hooked up).
Thanks Alex, thought that might be the case.

On a related note, is there another wiring diagram for the GM steering column?
The one in the manual doesn't seem to match the harness that came with my car.


Dan Carter


which column you have. I have some diagrams for the Oldsmobile unit I can email to you if so hit me with a PM email address