SLC in the UK

Hi Guys. Has anyone ever built an SLC in the UK and (most importantly) got it through the UK IVA test. It occurs to me using an LT4 engine would be a good start point and the rest of the build would be all the requirements that us Brits have to deal with (most of which would cause our American buddies to consider leaving the planet). Is it worth a call to Fran to discuss this or am I just living a fantasy dream. An SLC would nice alongside my GT40.
Hi Steve.

Always worth a call to the main man Fran. But we are the UK agents for the SLC and currently have 4 cars due to leave for the UK very soon. There are a few areas that need attention for the IVA but nothing too difficult.

We have not fitted the LT4 personally but I think there are some body work clearance issues with that motor. Maybe some of the guys on here can comment on that?

Please feel free to give me or Fran a call. Call me anytime on 07967 550385 or email [email protected]