SLC on Speed TV

Fran Hall RCR

I am extremely proud and happy to announce that the SL-C is going to be a feature car on a Speed TV show.

Stacey David of Gearz fame is building a Gale Banks supplied Twin Turbo LS7 SLC on his show... Official Website of Stacey David and Gearz TV

The SLC will be featured at the end of this season and the build will be shown in full during the next full season...

Shooting for this season is already underway...obviously we are extremely excited about the fact that Stacey chose the SLC to build..

I will keep you all posted on the progress...

as they say in TV land...STAY TUNED...
Wow, awesome!

This will definitely make some of the comments on the PH forum in the thread about the SL-C only being on TV for a couple of seconds look a little silly.


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You should get him on here with a build blog, ya know some behind the camera stuff.

Fran Hall RCR

As busy as Stacey is, that unlikely but he will have some more info on the website once the initial build has commenced on the show..

Ron Earp

I think I saw two episodes of this show - one with a Kasse Boss 460 engine going into a Cougar and one where they put a new rear end in the same Cougar. Is that it?

Fran Hall RCR

the long term projects like the Cougar get shown from start to finish but not every nut and bolt......the Cougar is last years project...with filing already well underway for 2011..the SLC will appear later this year and be the feature car for 2012...
Wonder if the season or the build will be available on DVD? Would be nice to see one built even if I can't get my hands on one.