SLC race tail wing on or off


Whats up guys. Long time no post. Just past 5k miles on my LT4 build. Just wondering if yall like the look of the SLC with the wing on or off. Off kind of reminds me of the Mclaren speed tail. Hope all is well guys..



Thanks joel. The wing stock height was blocking too much of what little view i had, so i cut it down. Does look mean low..

Terry Oxandale

Skinny Man
Don't have, and most likely never will own an SLC, but the low-slung wing looks great. Never have been a street-car wing guy, but this mounting looks great!
< I grew up on The Fast and the Furious (oh the shame!!) >
LOL ! I feel your pain. For me it was Speed Racer (at least I KNEW that was a cartoon) But thankfully, Steve McQueen came along and saved me with LeMans :cool:

Wing looks pretty good low, maybe an end plate redesign would help integrate it better?
Nice LT4 - do you have the engine pulley mod that cranks it up to something like 700HP? Would you share your driving impressions of the car with that engine? Be interesting to hear your opinion on that and maybe a comparison to the other car in the garage.



I do have 15% hp increase pully. I want to say i was at 740hp at the crank. It is more than enough power for the SLC. My wife's LP550-2 is a very quick, responsive, and sounds amazing. As for comparing the two different cars, the Lambo is a quick sportscar while strapping yourself into the SLC is like strapping yourself to an atom bomb or rocket. Are you building an SLC?
I have production chassis number 1. (SLC 001)
LS7 based Warhawk block, Magnuson supercharged with about 700 crank HP. Just wanted to hear from someone who has driven the same HP coming out of the LT4.
Would have been a bit easier to have had the LT4 around when I was building mine. :)
Side shot roller looks so badass!

I may be the sole dissenter here but the no-wing-race-tail look is starting to grow on me. I think I’m going to try it out for a while this summer.
The Yellow Submarine Captain surfaces! ;)
Hey, when are we going to see a full set of shots of the yellow color?
hah - I haven’t had much time to do anything these days. New job and relocation in the works with C19 shenanigans all thrown in has made my days completely bonkers. I did do a short parade thing with my father in law last weekend but there wasn’t an opportunity to get any video. I’ll probably do a short walk-around at some point ... already thinking about the next color!
I vote wing on, for sure. I still sort of wished I'd gone racetail and wing like yours, had this idea in my head that mine wouldn't stand out, lol.