**SOLD - 1966 Ken Miles Edition, Superformance GT40P-2245 with just 67 miles, $170k **SOLD**

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GT40P-2245 Background

Bill Denbeste an avid Car Collector and the Nations Largest Shelby Cobra Dealer
purchased GT40 P-2245 in January of 2008 for his own personal
collection. The car was delivered to him in May of 2008 and later that year he had his team install a Roush 427 Sr 515 Hp Engine and RBT transaxle. Bill loved this car, and many times he indicated it was one of his favorites,

The car was on display for the next 12 years, usually from the famous display wall at Denbeste Motorsports. In May of this year a significant collector and enthusiast, approached Bill Denbeste about selling the Miles Edition GT40 and the transaction was completed.

  • The collector and his team went through a comprehensive" Refresh and Get Ready" Program to prepare GT40P-2245 for spirited street or track use. The refresh included:
  • Flushing and replacing all fluids
  • New Battery Installation
  • New Avon Tires Installed
  • Full Engine Service
  • Full Air Conditioning Service
  • Installation of Several Olthoff Racing Options
  • Any Paint of Blemish Correction
  • The Car: GT40P-2285
  • Left hand Drive, Mark II GT40 lettering
  • Paint : Arcadian Blue with Pace Car White Stripes
  • Pace Car White Sill Stripes with GT40 lettering
  • Four roundels
  • Black Leather interior
  • Dark Blue Chassis
  • Gurney Bubble
  • Halibrand Wheels with Gold Centers
  • Several Olthoff Racing Extra's
  • Roush 427 SR Engine, 515 HP
  • RBTZF Transaxle
  • 67 Miles
  • Included in World Registry of Cobra's and GT40's on Page 1216
  • A change in business direction has required the immediate sale of this special car.
  • Price: $185k

Contact: Gregory Franklin
(650) 245-6351
[email protected]


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There is a discussion on fchat, seller claims this ad was posted without approval.
The new seller is the new broker, just trying to make more profit or find a sucker. They already offered the car to me at $190k.
The new seller is the new broker, just trying to make more profit or find a sucker. They already offered the car to me at $190k.
I never got a reply when it was listed at $170, as few people pointed out it sold for around $155-160ish?
Based on the broker's description on Fchat, the owner has consigned the car with them and the add here is bogus/unauthorized.

I agree they were just trying to find a sucker. Price already down to 190K.

Jim Rosenthal

Perhaps a distant relative of Ken Miles was in the same city as the car, briefly. LOL Basically it has nothing at all to do with Ken Miles, whatsover.
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