***SOLD***2016 RCR Superlite GTR for sale....almost finished ***SOLD***

In 2016 my husband took delivery on a RCR Superlite GTR. He passionately worked on it (some of you may have followed Mark Setter's thread) until his unexpected death in 2019. Since that time, two amazingly talented automotive specialists honored his friendship and continued the build. We are now at a point were it is almost completed and needs someone who will enjoy the car and it's incredible beauty and speed. I have chosen not to have it painted or finish the interior as that is something personal to the owner. Some of the features:
-Summit Raptor steering
-R8/lamborghini transaxle
-Brembo brakes
-L53 Engine, WLS6 heads, engine and transmission coolers, Magna Flow exhaust
-Holley Engine management system
-front leveling system, A/C, Nitro Terra tires
It is located in Naples, Florida and I have 165k invested....let me know if you have questions


Ken Roberts

Hi Susan,
I am sorry for your loss. I was following Mark's GT-R build on this site. It looks to be a very well built car. I think this will be an amazing car for someone. Good luck with the sale.
Hello Susan, do you have any additional pictures of the state of the build

Good morning! Sorry for the delayed response as I was out of town with out my computer until this morning. I have quite a few photos...is there anything particular you want me to send? Are you anywhere near Naples, Florida?
Thank you to each of you for your support, kind words and encouragement! Mark's car was shipped yesterday to an amazing man who will finish the car as Mark would have. Hopefully once it is finished, we can find a home for the car with the perfect person who will passionately love and drive it! Thanks again to everyone!!