*** SOLD *** RCR GT40 replica for sale ***SOLD***

Brian Kissel

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Bryan, So very sorry to hear of your health issues. Your build has been done with special attention to all details and anyone purchasing it will indeed be very lucky. Good luck with your sale.

Regards Brian

Brian Stewart
Best of luck with the sale. Sorry to hear about health issues. A real shame you will not finish the car.

Chet Zerlin

Very concerned about you. You’ve been an enormous help to me with my RCR40 build with your quick responses and excellent advice. So very sorry you have to sell but whoever is lucky enough to buy your car will certainly get a gem in the making. Sincerely hoping that you will make it past your health issues.

Sean Starkey


Very sad to hear this. I want to thank you for all the information you have shared with me. You have done a spectacular job thus far on your build.

I hope you get feeling better soon!