*** SOLD *** RCR GT40 replica for sale ***SOLD***

Health problems are making it more and more difficult for me to work on my GT40 and I have decided to sell it.

This GT40 has been built with careful attention to detail, fit, and finish. It has a Craft engine, an RBT transaxle, and GP Headers exhaust system. This is a perfect opportunity for someone who wants a GT40 replica but doesn't want to wait the long time currently required to get a new kit and an engine and gearbox. The mechanical work is mostly done. Body assembly is mostly done. Body work and paint still remain to be done. So you can finish the car in the color scheme you want. Between waiting time and build time this can save you years. Virtually nothing remains to be purchased.

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Price is 75K which is well under my cost. Location is Atlanta, Georgia

Details including many photos, specs, and exactly what is and isn't finished can be seen at bryanf.com/cars/GT40/ad/.

Plus, my build log can be viewed at gt40s.com/threads/bryans-rcr40.52988/
Bryan, I am also sorry to learn of your health status and hope there is a positive recovery in sight for you. If buying your GT40 will help you, I am quite interested. Let me know the best way to contact you as well. Thank you, regards, Curt

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Congratulations Bryan...
Focus on the important things. Health and family being a couple... You’re always welcome here at GT40s...