***SOLD RCR SLC LT4 for sale SOLD***


I am considering selling my superlite. The car was built by Allan and finished around a year ago. It has a LT4 with the lower pulley so HP is right around 750hp. Car has full alacantra interior, awesome stereo and is in flawless condition. Color is house of kolor tangerine candy with I believe 6 coats of clear. This car was built with the absolute BEST of everything. Runs perfectly and needs absolutely nothing. Has around 1k miles. Everytime I drive it I am swamped with attention and it is the star of every show it goes to. Only reason I am considering selling is I do not have time to use. I have well over 180k invested. I truly stopped counting. Will take 145k. Attached is Allan’s YouTube video when he finished the car. The interior was not installed yet but I can get pictures if needed. Car is currently with Allan in Connecticut and he can answer any questions about the car as well.


Grant S

Oh Wow Ross you are giving it away at that price. I was thinking about selling mine too but not that low.
I certainly have WAY more into it but cars are depreciating assets. Just a fact of life unless you happened to have bought a Ferrari GTO etc... Someone will really get a great car at a number much lower than build cost...


Larry L.

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I'm truly amazed that you still have that car, Ross.

Seriously. I figured it'd be gone in a week.

Perhaps you might ask Allan to take a couple of photos of its finished interior...along with a couple shots of its LT4 (and the engine compartment in general) taken with the rear clam open so you could post 'em here?

That might be all it takes...
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Car is being shipped back to me in Miami this week. Allan has gone through the whole car and made sure it’s perfect along with a few upgrades. If anyone has any interest please reach out to either Allan or I.

Ross 305-785-7677