Source for 016

After searching for many weeks around the internet, I found a source for the 016. I must have called at least 20 places before I found this company. Either they did not have the 016 or if they did they wanted $1600.00 plus for them, not rebuilt!

I spoke with Michael Talley who runs the company. He gave me permission to post his name and web site on this forum. He is very knowledgeable about these boxes and he currently has access to 60 units!!! I bought the 5N, but he has a lot of the codes available. I'm paying $685.00 delivered to my door. It's not rebuilt, but it doesn't matter to me because I will be adding a LSD and a new R&P anyway. There may some out there for less money but I didn't find any.

If your looking for a trans axle give these guys a call.