Southern GT #70


Did some welding this evening with the MIG, don’t judge as ai am avoid grinder! My son will wash some of the welds when the new foot pedal arrives as ours died. So an additional angle added to the rear box section. Errant holes for sills and latches filled and ground.

Now to B weld a 1/8” x 3/4 strip down the chassis to better locate sills and clamshells.


Randy V

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Not to judge - but just trying to help.
First - grind or sand off all signs of paint or powder coating at least 1” back from where your weld will be. The burning of paint creates fumes that will compromise the shielding gas.
Second - Get a good solid ground point as close as you can to the area to be welded.
Third - Turn up your flow of shielding gas. I start out at 20, but will double that if any sort of breeze or a fan close by.
Many times, I will make a practice pass on scrap materials that match what I am building. This way, the welder (and I) are both dialed in when it comes time to do the real thing..


I know I should have prepped better. good tip on the ground clamp. I had a breeze so will turn up the gas next time. I am just impatient. I waited almost a year to really get going on this. These are not easy areas to grind and clean up so I should really slow down.


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Don't underestimate safety in terms of toxic fumes from burned off paint (coatings).

Serously, one shorts weld w/o removed coating can ruin your day (e.g. headache, etc.) or even worse....

How do coatings affect the composition of welding fumes?
Vapours or fumes can come from coatings and residues on metal being welded. Some ingredients in coatings can have toxic effects. These ingredients include:
  • metal working fluids, oils, and rust inhibitors
  • zinc on galvanized steel (vaporizes to produce zinc oxide fume)
  • cadmium plating
  • chromates
  • vapours from paints and solvents
  • lead oxide primer paints
  • plastic coatings


Started to lock down the sill and clams with the the new strips welded to the chassis. This took all day just for the left side and multiple drill, tap, weld up redrill, retap for the Hartwell latches.
This is a lot harder than it looks!!!