Southern GT - top blokes!

Just wanted to say that in all my dealings with UK based companies, Mick Sollis and Southern GT have been nothing short of brilliant.

He has offered advice when needed (and I don't even have a Southern GT kit) and provided me with some excellent quality goods at a fair price and got me out of a hole on more than one occasion.

Mick Sollis = Top Bloke :)

Couldn't agree more. He is treating my MDA as if it was his own car.
No overcharging, no bullshit, just top quality service.



Have to agree totally.

I ordered a chassis of Mick to start my build, and then found a second hand Southern GT complete kit at a good price. Told Mick and he let me cancel the chassis order no problem even though he didn’t have to.

He then quoted for fitting my body which I hasten to add, was not one of his. He spent far more time doing it than he expected, due to encountered body problems, but the price stayed the same as quoted.

Was one of the best kept secrets in the GT40 world, guess it shows the advantage of turning your passion and hobby into a business. They do it not for the money but because they love the job.

Top blokes always have the parts you want at the best prices. Just wish you guys wouldn’t advertise the fact I want them to myself!!!!
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Can only add my agreement to these comments. Mick, Adam and Graham have done work on both my GTD and my Mazda race car and they really put their all into everything they do. When things get tough they keep the faith and keep going to find solutions, not problems. They certainly don't take customers for granted, nor their wallets!

Is there a brand of 40 that they haven't worked on or supplied parts for? I very much doubt it, I have seen most in their workshops.
I couldn't agree more
Its great to here all the good things about Mick and Adam and very reassuring knowing that I will be collecting my Southern GT40 kit in the next couple of weeks .:thumbsup:
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