SPA Six Hour 2016

I saw this car at Le Mans Classic last weekend.
It has a J.W. Automotive Engineering chassisnumber plate with some sort of hand written chassis no.: GJD-006.
I have no clue what that means.
Again it was driven bij Chris Ward and I believe it's from JD automotive

So, again this looks like a not-original GT40.
What is it with Chris Ward and JD Classics racing replica's at Goodwood and even Le Mans???


Rick Muck- Mark IV

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I think so too.
But why / how are they running non-original cars (as I believe both cars are) at Le Mans Classic and Goodwood?
"Replicas, there's no replicas at Goodwood!!!!"
(Said in best Judge Smails voice from CADDYSHACK: 'betting, there's no betting at Bushwood!')

Because the "originals" are locked up in "collections" and "too valuable" to risk? Empty grids otherwise although I find it disingenuous to claim all are "original" cars. Here in treason land we now have several vintage organizations accepting replicas built to period specs so that the grids will be fuller and spectators will get a taste of the period they represent. Here is one of my customers in a Superformance FIA done to period (289, iron heads, Girling calipers with solid rotors, etc. but modern safety gear, cage, etc.) fia cobra racing - Bing video


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Maybe Geert could start a protest movement, call it #OriginalityMatters or maybe #SuperformancePrivilege. We want less racing not more!
I was following Lemans Classic on the live mainstream and the commentators where telling about the replicas perfectly build to original spec so nothing would happen to the original. Mostly one of cars like the Monster.

Still that turbine powered car (Howit??) Was the real deal and impressive.