Spa Six Hours 25-29 sept 2019



Ian Anderson

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That looks brilliant.
What is the September weather like in Spa?

Looks like a nice drive of 730 miles each way!


Paul Hendrickx

Hello Ian, weather in Spa in September..... Practically October.... should be ok but you may also have 4 seasons in one day. no overheating problems fo the car quit cool
But it does not rain between showers.......
At Spa you'll never know. You could walk on your flip flops in your short throusers by the heat on one side off the track, while on the other side off the track, the racecars gets flooded off the track by the pooring rain.
You can camp at the circuit for €30 for the whole weekend with showers & toilets accomodation.
I am a long time lurker (former 65 GT350 racer, still own car 'SFM5S339'FWIW). Appreciate all who contribute here. Big GT40 fan!
Anyway, I live in the the US and have been trying to figure out how feasible it is to attend the Spa Six Hours.
Couple of logistical questions for those familiar:
-getting to the region is not a problem for me, how 'doable' is attending this event without buying one of those 'event packages';
-is Spa a 'camp there' track like say the LeMans Classic which I've attended, or are there accomodations available?
-any references such as web sites for Spa attendee info or advice?
Thank you,
Steve A
Dont forget a bike.. :) Its brilliant to bring or rent a bike, traffic can be horrible to and from the track.
But if you can ride a bike to the event you can even use it to travel around the track. Its long, and there are many brilliant corners to view.

We went to many 24hrs of the lemans-series racing, and ended up bringing electrical scooters.. that was even better.
With a camper you can camp outside the circuit next to the main entrance for €30 the whole event.
Toilets and mostly cold showers available.
Circuit has a good restaurant called Pit Stop with good buffet dinners for €20,-
Il will be camping there from wednesday on.


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The weather forecast for the weekend is 18 degrees, cloudy with some sun and a few rain showers.:)


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Photos or it didn't happen guys.

We both had a marvellous time and this trip is a definite one for the future.
Thank you to all of the folks who made us most welcomed.

Charlie Farley

Paul, one question... in the 1st photo i spot a member of the ' Fifth Column '. He is given away by a Prancing Horse on his helmet.