Spa Summer Classic 22-24june

Google Alexander Deogin GT40 and you will find a red MK-IV. From the photos the body looks wrong. I do not know from where this car came from. I does not look to be a continuation car (J13 thru J19). All other J-cars are accounted for in museum (J4,J5,J7 and J8). J3 and J6 in NY. J9 and J10 in CT. J11 in a private collection. J12 sold on March and is white.
That google hit, I allready had found that. Just one pic only.
If you look further on that name nothing more to find then only that one pic.

I will see it on saturday. I am on a classic car meeting nearby selling classic car parts but will leave it saturdays to see the Zakspeed Gp5 Ford Capri fly by and this might be GT40 mk4. ( still friday & sunday to sell parts but won't miss the opportunity at Spa).
A red MK-IV that someone call J-What was showed in California a few years ago. I was told the car was sold and is outside the US. This could be the Russian MK-IV. BTW google will give you 2 different photos of the car. In one of them you can see the bad body work.
Found the car..
According to the owner Its a replica build in New Zealand by Ross Baker in the eighties.
Its indeed bought in the States a few years ago.
Its running a Chevy 305 V8 with twin Holleys.

Didn't ask for the price as I was not interrested as I have my hands full at the moment...